Thursday, March 8, 2012

Character Discussion: Asajj Ventress

By Savanna Kiefer

This week's character discussion is about the evil Nightsister, Asajj Ventress. Joining myself is Mike (M), Tara (T), and Dominic (D).

I saw Ventress for the first time in the Clone Wars mini-series a few years ago. At first glance, she was a little creepy but after watching her in different episodes, she grew on me and I thought her lightsabers were awesome. When did you first see Ventress and what was your impression of her?
M:  The first time I got into the character Ventress was when I read one of the first issued comic books for the Clone Wars. She really did stand out apart from Durge as one of the more lethal villains in the comics and I was also rather liked her character design. Her hatred and obsessive attitude towards the Jedi she longed to kill also added for great character developement and to her instantly becoming one of my favorite sw characters without a doubt.

T: I have a love/hate relationship with Asajj Ventress. I didn't and still don't care about the mini-series, because Filoni's Clone Wars is my Clone Wars. This show's interpretation of Vetress is my favorite based on what I have seen of that of the mini-series. I first saw her at the theater's release of the Clone Wars movie back in 2008. I didn't care for her dialogue or outfit, but her occupation as an Acolyte is pretty awesome.

D: When I first saw Ventress in the micro-series I thought she was kind of cool.  I mean I didn’t really think too much about the Micro series and was always kind of weary of it.  I enjoyed it for what it was but was disappointed in the exaggerated nature of it, but that’s beside the point.  Ventress was cool in that series, I mean she was able to take on Anakin, but she was very 2-dimensional, whereas in the new series she’s gotten a lot more interesting.  I also like her look better in the new series.  In the Micro-series she just looked weird and out of place.  In the current series her look fits with her character and the Star Wars Universe.

In Season 3 of The Clone Wars, Count Dooku betrayed Ventress and tried to have her killed. However, she survived this assassination attempt and fled to the Nightsisters. What did you think of this huge stumbling block in Asajj's relationship with her ally, Dooku? 

M:  I feel as though it as fine with her being with Dooku for the time being but I'm glad she broke out of it and decided to explore more of her nightsister heritage throughout the second half of season 3. Now in season 4 we have her character expanding even more with revenge for Dooku becoming less and less important to her rather than simply being able to find her true place in the galaxy which apparently doesn't lay with Dooku nor the nightsisters. 

 I hate this part of "we know they can't/won't die in this battle/dual/season/show" that is bound to repetition in the Clone Wars. Asajj's fate wasn't likely to be that early on in Season 3 of the series, *cough until now so says Filoni cough*, thus I didn't think she would die in Dooku's betrayal. And then taking into account Dooku's fate is sealed by Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith, he can't possibly die in the series. Or can he Dave? Though I like Asajj better off on her own, I don't want to see more Dooku VS. Ventress when I think I know the results of said battles. 

I thought it was sad. She obviously had some kind of emotional attachment with him, which is why she felt so betrayed. I also felt bad for Dooku when that happened. I mean he even said she was important to him (why that is I don’t know, she was almost never successful, even in the EU!!) and he had to kill her just because Sidious told him. All that being said, it has led to an incredible new story, that is by far my favourite ongoing story line in the entire series.

I absolutely love seeing Ventress duel with other Jedi and Sith in The Clone Wars. Her fighting style is very unique and lightsabers are much different than other Sith weapons. Do you favor her lightsaber wielding skills over other characters of Star Wars?

M: I am rather fond of the way she fights during battle as opposed to some of the other characters whose techniques in combat grow very repetitive over the course of them being on screen. She's very unpredicatble in combat where as her opponents can never truly predict what her next move in combat will be which I find to be quite amusing at times. 

As opposed to General Grievous or Dooku? No, I don't favor her lightsaber talents over those of others. Though her said talents are admirable, her acrobatics and hand-to-hand combat I think are the more awesome of her traits. And as Obi-Wan Kenobi said, "Anakin leaves quite a mess, which always leads me to you, Ventress."

I think her fighting style was very cool. She can fight three different ways!!  With one lightsaber, with two lightsabers and with a double bladed saber. I wish we had gotten to see her use her lightsaber a one double bladed one more.  She is definitely one of the cooler characters to watch fight. And when she fights, she always puts some kind of twist on it, whether it’s making a bet with Dooku, playing up the sexual tension between her Obi-Wan and Anakin, or just an all brawl with a blind Count Dooku. Ventress can go toe-to-toe with the best swordsmen around, just it always seems she comes up short...

Recently in The Clone Wars, Asajj's outlook has taken a drastic change. She has put her trust fully in the Nightsisters and turned from Dooku completely. Personally, I've enjoyed seeing her with a different heart and emotions. Do you like Asajj's changing personality?

M: I am a huge fan of her ever growing personality and acts of compassion for other characters on the show. the love and care she shows for her sisters is something thats truly genuine and the emotion rings through and doesn't seem forced upon the audinece where it does seem that way regarding some of the other characters. I think her personality has changed quite drastically since we first saw her in "Ambush", and I for one am a huge fan of it. 

I can't answer this question because I haven't watched these episodes due to their voodoo and witchcraft. (And I'd love a personality change for her too.) 

I liked Asajj best when she was very cold and ruthless towards everybody, so I wasn’t that crazy about it when she became so attached to the Nightsisters. Don’t get me wrong, I felt bad for her when they died and I understand why she went that way, but I enjoy her best when she doesn’t give a womp rat’s behind about anybody other than herself.  So I was glad when she went back to being more like that in “Bounty”. She didn’t care about Boba, Dengar (BOOOO Simon Pegg), Bossk, Latt, or even the girl and her brother. I mean she sold Boba to the crime lord so that the girl wouldn’t have to go with but then she still made the brother pay so he could get his sister back.  My thoughts were: “Yes!  This is the Asajj I know and love!!!”

Fans of Asajj Ventress have asked supervising director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Dave Filoni, if her fate will differ from that of the comic books and/or Clone Wars mini-series. Filoni has stated that she will have a different outcome in the current Clone Wars series. Where do you think Ventress will be lead next?

M: For the most part I believe she won't suffer the same fate as the previous Ventress did in the dark horse comics what with her missing in action during the battle of Boz Pity, I beleive she's eventually become her own person and learn to adapt to the galaxy and hopefully one day find where she truly belongs. 
 I'm not a fan of Filoni's differing from the canon in Even Piell's death, and the current 'movie canon' modifications to Darth Maul's previously thought death. I don't know what to think of Asajj's future in question, but I want her destiny, whatever it may be, to end in honor of the warrior and great character she became.  

Her fate in the EU was very ambiguous so I like the fact that it will different than that.  I just hope she doesn’t go out like a punk and winds up making some serious impact on the galaxy before all is said and done. Hopefully we see her take another shot a Dooku, and when that fails (which we know it has to) she will return to Dathomir and restart the Nightsisters clan.

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