About us

Who are we?

The Galactic Press is a media organization comprised of many passionate journalists and writers who report and comment on Star Wars news and topics. Our international staff ranges from personal opinion bloggers to reporters for major Star Wars fansites, and is eager to share their knowledge and perspective on various subjects related to the galaxy far, far away including collecting, literature, television, pop-culture, and fan projects.

How do we work?

Our organization is a co-operative assembly of Star Wars media personnel who share their articles with The Galactic Press to gain greater exposure and access. In exchange, sites that contribute to our organization are given the rights to utilize and disseminate our articles through their own channels to increase their content.

What keeps us running?

We are not affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. and are not licensed to market any of their officially licensed products. In order to compensate professional media personnel and pay for expenses like bandwidth, brand marketing, and the logistics of covering events, we maintain advertising on our website and accept donations from any generous supporters.

What is our goal?

The Galactic Press does not look to compete with other Star Wars news organizations, but rather bring them together and create a comprehensive distribution system for the collective Star Wars media. We want to grow a large group of talented contributing staff to syndicate news to other distributors and streamline the process of news consumption by interested fans of the saga. This goal will only be achieved by bringing the media to the next level and focusing on the optimization of social media distribution and interaction.

How can you become involved?

If you are a writer for either a Star Wars blog or fan site, you can share some or all of your articles with us. Fan site owners can enter into agreements to be given the rights to distribute our syndicated articles. Podcasts can use and cite our reporting on their shows to provide relevant news content to their listeners. And we are open to talking with any group that is willing to distribute and cite our articles. Additionally, if you own a Star Wars related company, you can enter into an advertising deal with us. We can be contacted at thegalacticpress@gmail.com for inquiries of any sort.