Staff Bios

Chris Seekell
The founder and CEO of The Galactic Press, Chris is a lifelong Star Wars fan from the New England region. His passions include graphic art, computer programming, linguistics, and social media marketing. Chris has contributed to various Star Wars related blogs, websites, and social media communities including The Star Wars Underworld, Secrets of the Force, and Retro Star Wars.

Jose Francisco
Editor in Chief of The Galactic Press Jose is an avid, die-hard Star Wars fan from San Jose, California. The first Star Wars film he ever saw was Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones back in 2002, and that was just the beginning of the end. His hobbies include reading, social networking, and Star Wars of course! In his free time he edits on Wookieepedia under the pseudonym “Plagueis327”. His favorite characters are Sith, especially Darth Sidious. Always expanding his knowledge about Star Wars, this fan knows more about the Expanded Universe than you can possibly imagine!

Dominic Jones
Head writer for The Star Wars Underworld and contributor to The Galactic Press, Dominic is a die-hard Star Wars fan from Toronto, Canada. He loves all aspects of Star Wars from the movies, to The Clone Wars, to collecting, to the EU, to fan films, to parodies, and has attended such events as Star Wars Celebration V in 2010. His other interests include the Toronto Maple Leafs (and hockey in general), baseball and film making.

Benjamin Hart
Galactic Press contributor Benjamin is a lifelong Star Wars fanatic that lives on the Mississippi Gulf coast. He started, and is now co-owner of the Star Wars Underworld, has his own blog entitled "This is the blog you're looking for" and contributes to the Lighter Side of the Force and other social networking communities. Aside from "The Wars" he enjoys photography, traveling and helping run the family business.

Fallon Sunstar
A Galactic Press contributor who resides in Florida, Fallon spends her time wistfully writing fanfiction and editing it for others. She has been an avid Star Wars fan for several years, and is the Co-Admin of The Lakehouse Forums. As well as playing the viola and dancing, she enjoys working on her writing and photography. Fallon is the author of her own blog, To Thine Own Self Be True, and is also a contributor to Fangirls on Felucia.

Martin Coronell-Rodriguez
A writer and reporter for the Star Wars Underworld, co-owner of The Old Republic Cantina, and a contributor for The Galactic Press, Martin, who currently lives in Virginia, is a huge fan of Star Wars. He enjoys watching the movies and The Clone Wars, and is an active player on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Not only does he tremendously enjoy Star Wars, but is a fan of Godzilla, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Halo, Naruto, and machinima. Martin usually joins many communities and forums that surround his interests, and that usually keeps him very busy.